New season to launch mid- February!
Written by 3wide Monday, 09 February 2015 14:51
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Season 17 Episode Descriptions:
1701: Kyle Larson- This NASCAR Superstar has risen more quickly than any other young driver in the last
decade. What is his secret to success and where does his future lead?

1702: Tony Stewart- Tony Stewart hangs out with 3 Wide Life to discuss his past, present and future in

1703: Donny Shatz- Donny is your 2014 WoO Champion after a record breaking year. Find out about Donny
and his amazing year exclusively on 3 Wide Life.

1704: Dave Moody / Angie Skinner - 3 Wide Life hangs with popular motorsports radio hosts Dave Moody and
Angie Skinner to learn about their unique stories in the sport.

1705: Chase Elliott- This young, second generation driver has already achieved so much, including a NASCAR
Xfinity Championship. So what has the journey been like and what does the future hold for Chase?

1706: Bill Elliott- Awesome Bill from Dawsonville helped to pave NASCAR’s path to it’s modern time
powerhouse. Find out more about his amazing story and relationship with already successful son Chase Elliott.

1707: Larson Marks Racing- NASCAR star Kyle Larson teams up with driver Justin Marks to start their own
World of Outlaw team with driver Shane Stewart.

1708: Steve Kinser – The most successful WoO driver finally retired at the end of 2014. Let’s find out what this
journey has been like for Steve and what his retirement plans are.

1709: Koma Modified Series Racing- Modified racing is the oldest form of motorsports in modern times. These
are the gladiators who race every weekend on the toughest, shortest tracks across the US.

1710: Rusty Wallace- NASCAR Champion and Hall of Fame Driver Rusty Wallace joins us to talk about his
amazing career on the track and emerging career in the television booth.

1711: Lamborghini- See some of the highest power racing around with 20 Lamborghini's competing at historic
Watkins Glen Raceway. Follow along as we follow Rick Ware Racing through their weekend as they field 3
Lamborghini's against some of the best teams in the country!

1712: Mike Skinner- The Gunslinger has finally retired and boy does he have some stories. We sit down with
Mike Skinner to hear about his chance meetings with Richard Childress, Dale Earnhardt and many more legends
of the sport.

1713: Kyle Busch- Kyle Busch hangs out with 3 Wide Life discussing how he got his shot in NASCAR and what
he hopes to accomplish in the future.