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This past May, Jason Collins became the first NBA player to openly pronounce he was gay, starting a national conversation that extended way beyond the boundaries of a basketball arena.

Questions were raised. Emotions were explored. From bigotry and values to how players would react in the locker-room -all became flash points of discussion. The sanctum of sports had once again collided with the outside world.

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NASCAR drivers like results at Indianapolis test

amie McMurray and Juan Pablo Montoya like what they've seen from the new Cup cars at Indianapolis.

On Monday, the two former Indianapolis winners joined a growing list of test participants who have raved about everything from handling to quicker speeds to tire wear on the 2.5-mile oval that has often caused so much consternation for NASCAR drivers.

"Our car has been quick at a lot of tracks where it has not been really fast in the past, and the testing has been pretty good today," said McMurray, who won the Daytona 500 and Brickyard 400 in 2010. "It's our first time here with this car and it seems like some of the setup stuff is a little different from what we've been doing here the last couple of years."

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Go green at the track

If you stacked all the empty soft drink and beer cans left behind at Daytona International Speedway last year, it would stretch from Jacksonville to St. Augustine.

And none of them wound up in a landfill.

A sport that has a reputation for guzzling gas and wearing out a lifetime supply of tires in a single afternoon has taken a turn to be friendlier to the environment. And like the people who drive race cars every weekend, NASCAR’s green initiative is at full throttle.

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